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Seraphina Aldora (Sexy Jexy) by Xen-Xen
Seraphina Aldora (Sexy Jexy)
This is my Character/Fursona Seraphina Aldora. She is what is known as a Jex. Sort of a Fox species I suppose. She was made for Second Life.

She was drawn for me by Ebony Malice on FA. (… )

Sera © :iconxen-xen:

Jex © Orange04

Art © Ebony Malice

You DO NOT Have Permission To Use This Art

If you would like to Draw Sera just note me. Here or FA. (… )


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This was hilarious. I still remember this conversation with me and an ex on Yahoo. Anyways here it is xD Enjoy it!

a_grave_marked_unknown: DEAR GOD!

cold_hearted_sasha1: x.x?

a_grave_marked_unknown: i went down to let my dogs out

a_grave_marked_unknown: and when i did

a_grave_marked_unknown: i let in this huge..

a_grave_marked_unknown: i dont even know! its the biggest fuckign bug iv ever seen and im trying to fight it with a cardboard tube and a pillow as a sheild >_ <

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

cold_hearted_sasha1: *rolls around laughing*

a_grave_marked_unknown: its not funny!its a..its a epic battle!

a_grave_marked_unknown: and im stuck in this room now

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

cold_hearted_sasha1: I would pay to watch this

a_grave_marked_unknown: i bet you would

a_grave_marked_unknown: this things bigger than my friggin middle finger and as thick as my thumb

a_grave_marked_unknown: and it can fly! >_<

cold_hearted_sasha1: oh noes! xD!!!!

a_grave_marked_unknown: real funny!i bet youll be laughing when you never hear from me again >_>

a_grave_marked_unknown: cause roidzilla the beatle ate me!

a_grave_marked_unknown: i must be losing my mind..

a_grave_marked_unknown: im talking to my dogs like they were soldiers >_>

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

cold_hearted_sasha1: I'm saving this convo

a_grave_marked_unknown: yes!send it to the police!i need help!!!!!

a_grave_marked_unknown: *cries*i dont know where it iiiiiis!

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

a_grave_marked_unknown: i just hope my dad dosn't come down..or else knowing him wed both be stuck in here using sticks and pillows

cold_hearted_sasha1: then kill it!

a_grave_marked_unknown: if i would have known this would have happened ida brought down my lord of the ring sword and go legolas on its ass!

a_grave_marked_unknown: qfbgae

a_grave_marked_unknown: that was me spazzing cause i thought i heard it buzzing o.o

a_grave_marked_unknown: kill it!?i dont know where it is and its damn huge!

cold_hearted_sasha1: hahahaha! its a master of stealth!

a_grave_marked_unknown: ninja bug!bastard..

a_grave_marked_unknown: uh oh......

a_grave_marked_unknown: i gotta pee o.o!

cold_hearted_sasha1: then go!

a_grave_marked_unknown: the bathroom connected to the room its in!

a_grave_marked_unknown: hell it mght even be in there

a_grave_marked_unknown: we have some plants and stuff in here if things get dire o.o"

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD!!!! *falls out of chair laughing*

a_grave_marked_unknown: uuugh my phones get someone to drive over and help

a_grave_marked_unknown: well i jsut made a makshift slingshot to try shooting it out of hiding..the dog treat i shot went about half an inch before hitting the ground

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD!!!!! thats just stupid

a_grave_marked_unknown: youll see whats stupid when im world famous for killing this thing
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  • Watching: WWC..for some reason
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