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Meet Sera by Xen-Xen
Meet Sera

This is Sera, she is a cat bunny hybrid..not a cabbit maybe a buncat..anyways! She is outgoing but submissive as well. It depends on the situation really. She is from Second Life, made from the Bifrost bunny and other mods.

Sera © :iconxen-xen:

Art © Ebony Malice (FA)…
Cotton Candy Angel by Xen-Xen
Cotton Candy Angel

This is Angel, she is husky and also an angel obviously. She is about 4ft tall give or take some inches and very submissive. She is happily married to her wonderful husband Taka Bloodmoon who is at least 3 times her size and the father to her 6 children.

She does have the sweet smell of cotton candy, her wings are too small for her to fly so Taka often carried her on his shoulder and her halo changed colors with her mood.

She is made from Second Life kimono and other mods.

Angel © :iconxen-xen:

Art © Ebony Malice (FA)…

Jade Ref Sheet by Xen-Xen
Jade Ref Sheet

This is Jade, she is my Genetically Modified Shark and she originated on Second Life. She was once human but was genetically infused with the DNA of different sharks and exposed to radioactive chemicals thus the glowing tongue, claws and some of her hair. She can be bitchy and head strong but has a sweet side when she trusts you.

I had this piece commissioned from :iconhelixel: and it is absolutely beautiful! Check out her stuff guys it's worth it!

Jade © :iconxen-xen:

Art © :iconhelixel:

Shark Avatar © Aventity

Shark Mod Used © Blunder Forge
Seraphina Aldora (Sexy Jexy) by Xen-Xen
Seraphina Aldora (Sexy Jexy)

This is my Character/Fursona Seraphina Aldora. She is what is known as a Jex. Sort of a Fox species I suppose. She was made for Second Life.

She was drawn for me by Ebony Malice on FA. (… )

***NOTE*** She no longer wears the glow stick belly ring. It was from a matching set from her/my ex so she no longer has it ***

Sera © :iconxen-xen:

Jex © Orange04

Art © Ebony Malice

You DO NOT Have Permission To Use This Art


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This was hilarious. I still remember this conversation with me and an ex on Yahoo. Anyways here it is xD Enjoy it!

a_grave_marked_unknown: DEAR GOD!

cold_hearted_sasha1: x.x?

a_grave_marked_unknown: i went down to let my dogs out

a_grave_marked_unknown: and when i did

a_grave_marked_unknown: i let in this huge..

a_grave_marked_unknown: i dont even know! its the biggest fuckign bug iv ever seen and im trying to fight it with a cardboard tube and a pillow as a sheild >_ <

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

cold_hearted_sasha1: *rolls around laughing*

a_grave_marked_unknown: its not funny!its a..its a epic battle!

a_grave_marked_unknown: and im stuck in this room now

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

cold_hearted_sasha1: I would pay to watch this

a_grave_marked_unknown: i bet you would

a_grave_marked_unknown: this things bigger than my friggin middle finger and as thick as my thumb

a_grave_marked_unknown: and it can fly! >_<

cold_hearted_sasha1: oh noes! xD!!!!

a_grave_marked_unknown: real funny!i bet youll be laughing when you never hear from me again >_>

a_grave_marked_unknown: cause roidzilla the beatle ate me!

a_grave_marked_unknown: i must be losing my mind..

a_grave_marked_unknown: im talking to my dogs like they were soldiers >_>

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

cold_hearted_sasha1: I'm saving this convo

a_grave_marked_unknown: yes!send it to the police!i need help!!!!!

a_grave_marked_unknown: *cries*i dont know where it iiiiiis!

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD

a_grave_marked_unknown: i just hope my dad dosn't come down..or else knowing him wed both be stuck in here using sticks and pillows

cold_hearted_sasha1: then kill it!

a_grave_marked_unknown: if i would have known this would have happened ida brought down my lord of the ring sword and go legolas on its ass!

a_grave_marked_unknown: qfbgae

a_grave_marked_unknown: that was me spazzing cause i thought i heard it buzzing o.o

a_grave_marked_unknown: kill it!?i dont know where it is and its damn huge!

cold_hearted_sasha1: hahahaha! its a master of stealth!

a_grave_marked_unknown: ninja bug!bastard..

a_grave_marked_unknown: uh oh......

a_grave_marked_unknown: i gotta pee o.o!

cold_hearted_sasha1: then go!

a_grave_marked_unknown: the bathroom connected to the room its in!

a_grave_marked_unknown: hell it mght even be in there

a_grave_marked_unknown: we have some plants and stuff in here if things get dire o.o"

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD!!!! *falls out of chair laughing*

a_grave_marked_unknown: uuugh my phones get someone to drive over and help

a_grave_marked_unknown: well i jsut made a makshift slingshot to try shooting it out of hiding..the dog treat i shot went about half an inch before hitting the ground

cold_hearted_sasha1: xD!!!!! thats just stupid

a_grave_marked_unknown: youll see whats stupid when im world famous for killing this thing
  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Watching: WWC..for some reason
  • Drinking: Sprite

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